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Top 5 Online Affiliate Programs

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1. AdSense
Google's AdSense is a relatively new affiliate program. The feedbacks from AdSense's publishers are extremely positive. There are no solid estimates of earnings, but it's said that the AdSense program works the best for most websites compares to other affiliate programs. If you're looking for a good affiliate program that pays on CPC basis, definitely try this one out!

2. Quigo Technologies - AdSonar
This program will be released in Jan. 2004. Rumor says once launched, this program will rival with the well known Google's Adsense program. Stay tuned, we have great hope for Quigo's AdSonar.

3. FastClick
FastClick is one of the oldest and most reputable affilate programs on the web. The program network spans world wide and offers a wide variety of ad formats that can be beautiful integrated into just about any website design. The only barrier that may hinder some websites from using this program is perhaps the tough program admission standard. Many webmasters with high traffic sites have been rejected on numerous occasions from FastClick. Here's our trusted advice from a successful publisher of FastClick, "keep on applying until you get it, it's worth it!"

4. Web Hits Direct
The most attractive feature of the Web Hits Direct affiliate program is perhaps their "$1 minimum, Paypal fast pay" payment process. Unlike other programs that wait until you accumulate their threshold amount of earnings (typically $50.00) before mailing you a check, you can get your payments every couple of days from Web Hits Direct via Paypal. With direct Paypal payments, Web Hits Direct wants all publishers to have a Paypal account. (more info at This program is a good start for small websites that has medium amount of traffic flow.

5. focusIN
focusIN is a relatively reputable program. The only part that pales compares to other programs is their net 40 payment term, this means they will not pay you until 40 days after your payment period. Most other programs pay on a net 10 or at least net 30 schedule, but if you're patient, give focusIN a try.

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